Inspired by years of travel throughout Europe (and specifically a trip to Provence, France in 2022), Salem Cone created G&G out of a desire to share the magic of travel and the treasures we find along the way. A natural connector, Salem gets great joy out of bringing people together in community with one another, helping others make connections, facilitating friendships, and leading togetherness through special experiences.

Salem Cone

Hi friends! I’m Salem, and I'm the founder of G&G. Originally from Charlottesville, Virginia, I’m currently living in my dream city, Charleston, South Carolina. I graduated from William & Mary in 2015 and have a background in advertising. Inspired by a lifetime of travel, a love for all things creative, and a desire to create my own business, I recently quit the corporate world to do my own thing. My aim for Gallivant and Gather is to combine that love for travel, connection and curating thoughtful experiences & beautiful things to bring a special experience to you all- through the store and through our group retreats. I can't wait to share my adventures, insight and inspiration along the way!